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Hi, I'm Cort


I'm a creative hybrid – from digital & ad agency to in-house – who writes with range, finds an unexpected angle and crafts language with substance. Currently writing, creating content and developing the voice for Cowboy, the original connected bike from Brussels, Belgium.


In my found and free time...


Recalling past work lives...

  • A New York expat in Amsterdam, LA & SF

  • Senior Copywriter & Strategy Lead at Ueno, NY

  • Concept, writing and editing of guides to 5 cities, 1 brand, 1 publisher

  • Cowboy rider stories – profiles of courage, told from a street level perspective

  • Tone-of-voice and tonal spectrum guidelines for 4 different brands

  • Film shoots in Bali, Cape Town, LA, Mexico, New Zealand & Vancouver

  • Work with W&K AMS on the first brand campaign for, Booking.yeah!

  • A haunted hotels movie poster series and horror trailer, Stay if you dare

  • Cultural reconnaissance in Japan

  • Interviews and shoots conducted with a celebrity or two (or three)

  • Events & content created for foundations, non-profits, chefs and restaurateurs

  • A book edited during quarantine, aptly named Quaranta Objects



In pursuit of radical kindness, I've profiled destinations like Montauk and the Canary Islands, covered the future of plant-based meat, interviewed artists, and created and edited printed city guides to Berlin and Amsterdam.


Coming soon!

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